Sand in Taufers

The municipality of Sand in Taufers with its sports facilities is ideally equipped for the EUROPEADA 2016. The central location is the natural grass pitch at the southern entry to the village; the playground is 100,70 m in length and 64,55 m in width. The generous green area around the pitch offers sufficient possibilities for warming-up exercises near the bench. The large covered terrace with 450 seats gives the fans an optimal view on the pitch and protection against rain and sun. Recently an electric scoreboard was installed.

In the village of Mühlen the municipality has an artificial grass pitch, which can be used by the teams for trainings. The maintenance as well as the use of the facilities has been transferred to the football section of SSV Taufers. The club was founded in 1962 and participated in the season 2015/16 with two male and eight youth teams in the provincial championships. Official webpage of the club:


The municipality of Sand in Taufers is located at 862 m altitude at the entrance to the Rieserferner-Ahrn natural reserve, and has 5,300 inhabitants. Sand in Taufers is the main village of the municipality, and with 2,200 inhabitants it is the largest village of the forty-kilometer long Ahrntal Valley. Above the village towers the most visited castle of South Tyrol, Taufers’ Castle, which can be visited all year round.

In midsummer, the days stretch from sunrise at Speikboden all the way into the late hours at the street food festival. In between you can hike in the nature reserve. Mountain biking and hot afternoons at the Cascade. Children between 6 and 14 do not want to leave anymore, because the farmland dwarves have enchanted them. There's a lot to see: the three waterfalls – so high, loud and spectacular. Or the Museum of Minerals, the Sheep's Wool Museum, the Water Museum. And the mine in Prettau, where for centuries copper was mined from the Ahrntal Mountains. The tunnels were left as they were and allow us to relate to the working days of miners in the old days. Rafting, canyoning, bouldering? Climbing, high ropes gardens, tennis? And that is not all, there is so much more to do.

In winter, snow and ice take over. White, soft and tinkling, the area looks totally different. It may be cold but whether you are skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice climbing or sledging - or even at après-ski – you will warm up. It will become romantic when you stay overnight in the Igloo or join a late night lantern walk. For Bavarian curling the host will come along himself, he knows trick number 17. Mario’s snowshoe hikes to Ahrntal’s mountain peaks and treetops have already become a legend, like himself.

Numerous events throughout the year in Sand in Taufers have become either internationally or nationally well-known; one of these is the Cheese Festival. But not only cheese; you can taste wonderful and special delicacies from all over Europe. Or the youth handball tournament: athletic competition at a high level, by strong young people. Taufers’ Castle has long been used as a feature film location, starting with Polanski's Dance of the Vampires. MusiKultur Taufers, a small club with big ambitions annually invites renowned musicians, for classical music aficionados.

There is something to do for everyone.