Behind the team name “Adalet”, which significates “justice”, the Crimean Tatars are hidden. The adventurous history of this people reaches deeply into ancient times, so that it is not possible to clearly determine their precise descent. The Crimean Tatars are likely originating from different tribes, that lived on the Crimea or empired this peninsular throughout history, like the Mongolians, Greeks, Huns, Bulgarians, Cumarans or Crimean Goths. Due to the near to Turkey, from which the peninsular is only divided by the Black Sea, it is explained that the language of the Crimean Tatars is part of the Turkic languages.

Two happenings have been very significant for this ethnic group. One comprises the deportation of the Crimean Tatars to Central Asia by the regime of Josef Stalin in 1944, a comeback was only possible nearly a generation later. After the decay of the Soviet Union, around 300.000 Crimean Tatars returned from their deportation back again to their country, the Crimea. Meanwhile the Crimea was part of the Ukraine, but the Mejlis, the political representatives of the Crimean Tatars were able to reach peacefully a certain political recognition, but not yet a juridical one. And especially the minorities, that altogether represented the majority within the population were pushed by the majority voting-system to the minority of the parliament. The 6th March 2014 within the scope of the Ukraine crisis, the parliament of the Crimea decided with its majority of Russia loyal delegates to hold a national referendum on the accession to the Russian Federation. The Crimean Tatars boycotted the referendum, but the majority of the population agreed under influence of Russia and impression of the civil war in Ukraine. Thereafter the Republic of Crimea declared its independence from the Ukraine and fell under control of the Russian Federation. The belonging to the peninsular is disputed, because the Ukraine and the majority of the international community considers the Crimea furthermore as autonomous Republic and component of the Ukrainian territory. Nearly 280.000 or around 12 % of the 2.5 Billion inhabitants of the Crimea are Crimean Tatars, the bulk are belonging to the Sunnite denomination.


Adalet at the EUROPEADA

The selection of the Cremean Tatars will firstly participate for at the EUROPEADA of 2016.


The squad of Adalet for EUROPEADA 2016
Shevket Dzhaparov, Ennan Ashyrov, Timur Kanataiev, Arsen Yakubov, Lenzi Ablitarov, Esat Alimov, Diliaver Osmanov, Elzar Abliamitov, Ibragim Aliyev, Fikret Alimov, Rustem Ablaiev, Artur Temirov, Taliat Bielialov, Isliam Useinov, Elvin Kadyrov (Team leader), Elnur Amietov (Assistant team leader)