Bati Trakya Türk Azinligi


"Bati Trakya Türk Azinligi" is representative team by the West-Thracians in Greece. West-Thracian is a region positioned in the North-east of Greece, which is separated from Turkey on its Eastern part by the river Mariza, the river Karasu forms the border to the Greek region Mazedonia at West and the Rhodopen mountain in the North towards Bulgari. The oldest namely known inhabitants of the region were the Thracians. Their traces can be pursued until 2000 B.C. and featured Indo-European origins. In the course of the centuries the region was conquered by different reigns. The Persians, Greeks and Macedonians governed the territory with their advanced civilizations. Still before the turn of the eras the reign of the Thracians was able to assume the rule, which lasted until 335 B.C. Later on, the region fell under sovereignty of the West-Thracian, Roman and Byzantine reign, after the Huns, Avars, Pechenegs and Cumans. The Ottoman Empire conquered the region in the years after 1354 and ruled there until just before World War 1. During these centuries the Turks reached this territory from Anatolia, settled in and made it from then on to their home town. The Turkish Republic West-Thrace was founded the 31th of August 1913, the Turkish flag was hoisted up as symbol of independence, an army of more than 29.000 soldiers was mobilized, a budget was established, stamps were printed and national passports were made out. Moreover an official press agency was established, which published a newspaper in French and Turkish named “Independent”. The Ottoman Empire was not able or did not want to attempt an independent Turkish state in West-Thrace because of the power struggles in Istanbul. With execution of the contract of Istanbul the 29.10.1913 the territory was committed to Bulgari. In 1917 the territory was undertaken by Greece, that fought against Germany in the war. This was also confirmed within the peace treaty of Paris, so that West-Thrace became an inherent part of Greece as it is even today. Within the peace contract of Lausanne in 1923 the state of a minority was admitted to the Turks of West-Thrace. Nevertheless, the nearly 150.000 Turks, even recently inhabiting West-Thrace have to fight against assimilation. During their daily life they care about the Turkish culture. Economically, many of the Turks of West-Thrace act as manufacturer and retailer, mostly with their locally produced goods on the local market. Thereby they can count on their customers that prefer mainly to buy within the proper community. The Turkish coffee is a local specialty. For its preparation the several-times roasted beans are specially subtle grounded, cooked with water in small saucepans and served in small demitasses.

West-Thrace disposes of a surface of about 8.578 km² and extends over three Greek regional area: Xhanti, Komotini and Alexandropolis. Today nearly 350.000 people are living in West-Thrace. The population number of the inhabiting Turkish minority amounts about ca. 150.000.





Bati Trakya Türk Azinligi at the EUROPEADA

The minority was in 2012 the first time at the EUROPEADA.


The Squad for EUROPEADA 2016

Will be further announced.