FC Lusern - Cimbrian Team


The Cimbrans as minority

The Cimbrians are a population of German ancestry who came from Bavaria to the Italian Alpine foothills of Veneto and Trentino during the middle Ages. Their skills in wood processing and forest clearing made their settling easier. In this way the Cimbrians settled into the newly available farmsteads in the mountains and developed a culture and language of their own, as they were to a large extend isolated from the outside world.

Luserna/Lusern, a small mountain village (1333 m) southeast of Trento has now become the last language enclave where Cimbrian is spoken, an old Bavarian language or an old German dialect that became extinct in Bavaria already centuries ago. And still by 90% of the population, i.e. by circa 300 people. The last census of 2001 however shows a positive trend; in the province of Trento alone 862 "Cimbrians" were counted.


The Cimbrans at the Europeada

The Team partecipant 2008 and 2012 at the Europeada.


The squad for the EUROPEADA 2016

Davide Iiriti, Michele Nicolussi Paolaz, Umberto Bovi (ASD Dribbling), Matteo Castellan, Manuele Nicolussi, Matteo Nicolussi Paolaz (FC Calceranica), Simone Nicolussi (Altipiani Cimbri Calcio), Matteo Giongo (Altipiani Calcio), Alessandro Condini (AC Trento), Carlos Nicolussi Zaiga, Daniel Nicolussi Paolaz, Moreno Nicolussi Paolaz (FC Calceranica), Marco Carpentari (Altipiani Cimbri Calcio), Marzio Piccinini (Polisportiva Besenello), Alessandro Gasperi, Devid Gasperi, Luca Nicolussi Paolaz, Daniele Carpentari (Altipiani Cimbri Calcio), Nicolo Saponaro, Mirco Nicolussi Golo,  


Enrico Bovi, Roberto Priolo, Lorenzo Baratter





The description in cimbran dialekt


In Zimbar Lånt vo Lusérn lebeta a taütscha zungmindarhait boda tiavart soine burtzan in da uraltzait. Vor zen djarhundart, soinda zuarkhent aft dise pèrng pauern von untar Taütschlånt pittnar zung boda, no haüt, khint geredet alle tage. In lånt vo Lusérn (1333 m. obar 'z mer) stianda, op un zua, 300 laüt. Da zimbar zung iz haüt untarstützt vo gesetz vodar Sèlbstendige Provìntz vo Tria un vodar Sèlbstendige Redjon Trentino - Südtirol