Information for fans

Dear guests from all parts of Europe,

who intend to visit our country of South Tyrol during the EUROPEADA 2016. The organising committee extends a warm welcome to all of you and we hope you will spend some beautiful days with us. The motto of our tournament is “Diversity.Awareness.Respect”. We want to point to diversity of languages that you will find here; we want to underline that we should be careful with the precious asset of our own mother tongue and that being respectful is the basis for good encounters. In recent history, our country has had some painful years. Being apportioned to a foreign state, suffering from fascism, being given the option either to stay or to emigrate. The struggle against the power of the state for more rights and autonomy have characterised our country, but also made it stronger. Much effort has been necessary to slowly break down suspicion and just as slowly to build up mutual respect. The country is on the right track now; the Ladin, German and Italian cultures now meet peacefully, complement and learn from one another. We wish ourselves a peaceful event characterised by a feeling of community and by football. We hope that in the end some guests will take with them the memories of victories and others the great memories of encounters! Right now, we would like to give you some tips.


The journey to South Tyrol

The matches of the EUROPEADA 2016 will take place in the German and Ladin speaking territory of the northeastern border area of Italy with Austria, located on the road connecting the Austrian cities of Innsbruck and Lienz. Visitors coming from distant areas in northern or eastern Europe can reach the venue by airplane, landing either in the airports of Munich, Innsbruck, Graz or Klagenfurt. International railway connections will bring you from the north across Munich and Innsbruck to Franzensfeste in South-Tyrol. There you can switch over to the local railway, stopping in all towns of the Pustertal Valley. Coming from the east, you can reach the country by train coming by the southern railway from Vienna, via Graz, Klagenfurt, Lienz and Winnebach into the Pustertal Valley up to Bruneck. The broad side valleys are connected with local buses.


Mobility in South Tyrol

Once you arrive in South Tyrol, you will get the HOLIDAYPASS for free, if you book a hotel that is a member of the local tourist association. This pass authorises you to use all public transport during your holidays, including the regional railways, in the whole of South Tyrol. Furthermore there are several (paid) cabin- and chairlifts you can use to comfortably enter the fascinating mountain world of the Alps and Dolomites. 


The accommodation

Under the section “partners” and the subcategory “hotel partners” you will find selected hotels, guesthouses and hostels, that will guarantee affordable offers and a pleasant stay in South Tyrol during the EUROPEADA.


Free-time programme

The matches of the EUROPEADA, with the exception of the matches of the women’s tournament, are held in the late afternoon. Visitors will have sufficient time to explore the country and to enjoy their holidays. The organising committee will develop in cooperation with its partners a free-time programme, for which you can register. The programme and the contact addresses will be announced in due time on this homepage.