Final pairing of the men is the same as with the women

24/06/2016, 21:55

The final of the men of the EUROPEADA, will be played between the selections of Occitània and Südtirol, just like with the women. In the first semi-final the Croats in Serbia tried to play hard and have success against Occitánia. After they in vain tried to claimed a penalty and got one against them on the other side, the match went extremely heated. As this did not lead to anything, the trainer took his players from the field, so that the match had to be abandoned. As a consequence, the match was officially given a result of 3:0 for Occitània (see Decisions Tournament Management).

In the second semi-final the audience saw a great match between the Team Koroska/Kärnten and Südtirol, which the team of the two trainers Villgrater/Piffrader won with 2:0, because of a better condition, with goals made by Lukas Hofer and Matthias Bacher.