Occitània and Südtirol make it into the women's final

23/06/2016, 13:37

The women's selection of Occitània was able to live up to its role as favorite in the first semi-final and qualified for the final with an easy victory.

They will play against the South Tyrolean ladies, who had to fight hard until the end, because despite of their dominance in the field and a number of good chances, they could only hit the cross bar three times. As a result a penalty in the last minutes had to bring a decision; Katharina Pföstl remained cool and shot the ball into the net. Almost directlty after the German women from Russia had the chance to make equal, but they were not able to exploit their chance. Therefore the will be a reprisal of the group match, which was a close win for the Occitan women. 

The match for the fifth place was won by the selection of Serbja Lusatia against Las Rumantschas with 1:0.