Südtirol also wins the men's tournament

25/06/2016, 20:31

Südtirol also won the men's tournament of the EUROPEADA 2016. In an exciting and generally fair game, the hosts got into the lead already in the second minute by Elmar Haller. Occitània came into the game more and more, but was not able to capitalise and elaborate real chances until the break. Südtirol had the chance to increase the score by Lukas Hofer, but his header went past the goal.

In the second half, Occitània in first instance faled twice to make equal, before Brice Martiní was able to score in the 67th minute with a shot from the edge of the penalty area. From that moment on Südtirol was stronger again and also got a chance to shoot a penalty goal, but Thomas Piffrader failed to get past the strong goalkeeper of the Occitans.

As a consequence there the match got into the extra time. At first nothing extraordinary happened, until Guillaume Lafuente received two yellow cards one after the other in the 106th and 109th minute, and had to leave the pitch. The Occitans protested strongly against the decision, they lost some of their concentration and shortly after, in the 119th minute they lost a goal, after a corner by the South Tyroleans. The ferocious attacks of the Occitans did not make any difference anymore and the end result remained a 2:1 victory for Südtirol, which remains undefeated in the EUROPEADA.