Team Puschtra replaces the Western Thrace Turks

19/06/2016, 12:35

The team of the Western Thrace Turks (Bati Trakya Türk Azinligi), who shortly before the beginning of the EUROPEADA cancelled their participation in the European football championship of the autochthonous, national minorities, are replaced by Team Puschtra – a selection of players coming from the associations of the places where the matches are played. The matches are out of competition and will get a result of 3:0 for the adversary team.

Until 26 June 23 men’s teams and in a tournament of their own, also six women’s teams play at the third EUROPEADA. The tournament in South Tyrol is the third time: the first European football championship took place at the Romansh in Grisons/Swtzerland in 2008 and the second was at the Lusatian Sorbs in Germany in 2012.