Teams for the quarter-finals have been determined

21/06/2016, 10:59

After examining the results of the matches, the tournament management announces the teams that will play in the quarter-finals. The winners of the groups, which are automatically qualified, are: I Ladins (Group A), Croats in Serbia (Group B), Felvidéki Labdarúgó Egyesület (Grou C), Occitánia (Group D), Südtirol (Group E), Rusdeutsch (Group F). The two best group runners-up, who will also enter the quarter-finals are  Team Koroska/Kärnten (6 points; 15:3 goals) and the Hungarians from Romania (6 points; 10:3 goals). For the draw of the quarter-final pairings, the first pot will contain the Croats in Serbia, Occitánia, Südtirol and Rusdeutsch and the second pot will contain I Ladins, Felvidéki Labdarúgó Egyesület, Hungarians from Romania and Team Koroska/Kärnten.


The ranking in the final tables for the group phase are determining the placement matches:

9th place: Slovak minority from Hungary (6 points; 12:7 goals)

10th place: Ils Rumantschs (6 points; 9:7 goals)

11th place: Serbs in Croatia (5 points; 10:2 goals)

12th place: Sydslesvig (4 points; 9:4 goals)

13th place: Serbja - Lusatia (4 points; 9:6 goals)

14th place: Nordfrasche (4 points; 10:15 goals)

15th place: Hungarian Gipsy National Football Team (3 points; 6:8 goals)

16th place: Ellan Vannin (3 points; 4:6 goals)

17th place: Adalet (3 points; 4:14 goals)

18th place: Ungarndeutsche (2 points; 4:13 goals)

19th place: FC DFK Oberschlesien (1 points; 6:10 goals)

20th place: FC Lusern - Cimbran Team (1 points; 3:18 goals)

21st place: Armanamea (0 points; 2:18 goals)

22nd place: Eestimaa Rahvuste Ühendus (0 points; 0:18 goals)

23rd place: Team Nordschleswig - AE Mannschaft (0 points; 1:27 goals)



These placements in the final tables for the group phase result in the following pairings for the placement matches:

Match for the 9th place: Slovak minority from Hungary - Ils Rumantschs (Mühlwald)

Match for the 11th place: Serbs in Croatia - Sydslesvig (Mühlwald)

Match for the 13th place: Serbja Lusatia - Nordfrasche (Ahrntal)

Match for the 15th place: Hungarian Gipsy National Football Team - Ellan Vannin (Ahrntal)

Match for the 17th place: Adalet - Ungarndeutsche (Niederdorf)

Match for the 19th place: FC DFK Oberschlesien - FC Lusern Cimbrian Team (Niederdorf)

Match for the 21st place: Armanamea - Team Nordschleswig AE Mannschaft (Eestimaa Rahvuste Üdenhus renounced their participation) (Al Plan de Mareo / St. Vigil)

The matches will be played on Friday, 24 June 2016.