Rusdeutsch women come third, Südtirol women win the tournament

24/06/2016, 14:37

The women tournament ended today with the victory of Südtirol against the favorites, the Occitània team. At half time it looked as if the Occitans were sure to win the match, as they led with 2:0 after two goals by Laurie Saulnier. The strong South Tyroleans had tough luck, with two ball on the cross bar. The turning point of the match was the red card for Laura Arsenio in the 68th minute; the Occitans pulled back and left the initiative to the other side. Within just two minutes Nadine Nischler and Kathrin Plankl were able to get equal and six minutes later Peer scored with a header after a beautiful side-ball from the left and Südtirol got into the lead. Ferocious attacks from the Occitans followed, but this time they were unlucky and hit the cross bar. As a consequence the score remained at 3:2 and the victory was for Südtirol, which will enter the history as the first female winner EUROPEADA.

In the match for the third place the women of Rusdeutsch had to continue until the penalty shoot-out, which they won from I Ladins with 3:2.