Semi-finals for the men are known

23/06/2016, 22:32

The quarter-finals for the men ended with victories of the favourites, although the matches were anything but easy wins. In the match between the  Hungarians in Romania and Südtirol a highly competitive first half time was followed by a second half in which the South Tyroleans dominated and secured their participation in the semi-finals with 6:1. Also in the match between the Serbs in Croatia against I Ladins it was clear who was dominant, with 2:0 the Serbs in Croatia made one goal in every half of the match.

The other two matches were real thrillers. The Carinthian Slovenes seemed to be the clear winners after one hour and an advance of 3:1, but in the regular time, the Germans from Russia achieve to get equal. In the extra time Team Koroska/Kärnten was able to decide the match and to enter into the semi-finals. In the match of Occitània against Felvideki Labdarúgó Egyesület no goals were made until the 90th minute. Because there was no decision in the extra time either penalties had to be taken, and here the Occitans were the luckier team.

As a consequence the semi-finals wll be between the Croats in Serbia and Occitánia (Friday at 15.30 in San Martin de Tor/St. Martin in Thurn) and between Südtirol and Team Koroska/Kärnten (Freitag at 18.00 Uhr in San Martin de Tor/St. Martin in Thurn).

The matches for the places five until eight will be played between I Ladins and Felvidéki Labdarúgó Egyelüset (Friday at 15.30 in Pfalzen) and between the Hungarians in Romania and Rusdeutsch (Friday at 18.00 Uhr in Pfalzen).